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I will always remember the awe I felt when I saw my two kid's tiny feet for the first time, smiling when I saw their foot imprints the hospital gave us. Since then, I have been on a quest to preserve that feeling onto keepsakes. "Love Motifs" started out with the keepsakes I designed for my kids. These unique pieces still bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. Over the years I expanded my designs to include pets and weddings. I am excited to share these creations with you and hope they will bring you the same joy and feeling of nostalgia as well.

With Warm Regards, 
Pooja Agrawal Patel



About Pooja:
Pooja Agrawal Patel is an aerospace engineer by day, having worked for NASA-Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, and currently employed at Ball Aerospace. Outside of work, she has always enjoyed DIY projects related to arts and crafts, tinkering with different ideas over the years. Once she became a mom (She has two adorable kids - Jaya and Nayan, both in their toddler years), she started focusing her energy on creating keepsakes that would capture the memories and feelings from her children's birth and beyond. After getting positive feedback on the keepsakes she made for herself and others, she decided to start Love Motifs (with the support of her wonderful husband, Hitesh) and offer these unique keepsakes to all.