Posted by Pooja on Jan 21st 2015

263 Keepsakes Etched in Year 1!

We are almost done with our first year at LoveMotifs and it has been amazing!  Can you believe that my first sale was in February of 2014!  We've come a long way.  

I've etched 263 keepsakes for 83 babies!!!! You know, my husband complains that I don't remember names, but I can tell you the child's name of each and every one of the precious footsies I've received!

Its been a year of hard work, but most importantly, lots of fun.  I love that I at each event I am surrounded by love and laughter (and yes, the occasional crying)!  The support and understanding flowing in the rooms, is just wonderful, and it has helped me get through my tough times this year.  

Thank you to all of those that have supported LoveMotifs in its first year.  I look forward to another wonderful year and can't wait capture more tiny toes on our Keepsakes!